Hero Gaming has added a new offering to its extensive and diverse set of online casinos and gaming platforms. This time, Hero Gaming has decided to enter the sportsbook industry as they have introduced a new ground breaking offering. Betser is far more than just a sportsbook and targets a broader demographic than traditional sportsbooks. Betser aims to stand out in an industry where a competitive edge is the key.

In an industry full of corruption and illegal competitors, Betser offers their users peace and ease of mind that their money is being trusted to a legitimate source that implements best practices to ensure maximal winnings and an overall pleasant experience. This is done by offering a number of safe methods to withdraw and deposit money.

The actual platform itself is both competitive and playful; Betser has found the perfect balance between the two. Customer loyalty is at the forefront of Betser’s games and sportsbook as they offer a number of exciting and enticing features and rewards including, but not limited to, double and triple pay outs and a bet booster which gives players access to market odds on pre-selected matches. Betser also wants to reward all kinds of players, and recognize that sports betting involve strategy and strategic thinking. This is why Betser has created a unique reward system; Balls or Brains points.

This is a system where Ball points are awarded to players who make risky bets, and Brains points are awarded to those players who are more logical and use a rational mindset to make lower risk bets. The points system includes Moneyback offers which include incentives such as ‘Balls on the Table’ and the ‘No Brainer’. This system is creative and fosters a competitive and strategic environment that is new to the industry. Balls and Brains awards all kinds of bets which can help users develop and sharpen a number of transferable skills through strategic thinking.

The skills, portfolio and strategic approach to sports betting are also useful in things like investing and risk management. Balls and Brains is so much more than a game, it is not only a fun outlet and platform for players but also a way to sharpen and develop important and transferable skills. These awards are not limited to sports betting but are awarded during table and casino games as well, ensuring that every play is rewarded.

The above mentioned rewards create a fun environment, but the real competitive players will be captivated by the Betser’s very own league. This league is structured like a football league and awards points based on the bets players have made. These points help players to rise on the table and the leaderboard. Promotion is made possible as players climb the leaderboard but poor performance can result in relegation. Whoever wins the highest number of points wins the top spot and receives even more points and bonuses.

In addition to all of the game awards on the site, these offerings are all made available on both the mobile site and the app. This means that Betser can be accessed on virtually all devices. Betser’s mobile site offers flawless navigation which allows users to access their favorite games and check scores which creates an engaging mobile experience. Payment on the mobile site is also possible and players can be assured that mobile transactions are secure and safe.

Betser also offers these features on both of their iOS and Android apps which have been designed to be accessible to all makes and models of phones and tablets. The graphics are captivating and no detail of the app has been overlooked. The app is user friendly and has been designed with the user in mind as users can access scores and matches in real time and can access any of the Betser features and games that they could on their computer.

The mobility of Betser is a result of Hero’s progressive thinking and deep understanding that the society in which you live which is ever changing and technologically driven. It is evident that Betser is driven by the concept of user engagement and loyalty and that Betser wants to understand and engage with their users and customers, unlike many competitors. Betser will no doubt shake up the industry and will pave a new path for current and future sportsbook companies and competitors.

The app, the mobile and the web site are all well designed, the platform is user friendly, the games are simple yet engaging, the rewards are enticing and the offerings are diverse. Sportsbooks are not for everyone and are often associated with more serious, more experienced betters. Betser has obviously set out to challenge this mindset, and to engage a diverse audience and to open the world of sportsbook and sports betting to society at large. Overall, Betser is unique, fun and will be around for a long time.